With 1 billion active users, Instagram allows your brand to connect with loyal and potential customers round the clock. Needless to say, it is one of the best social media platforms to market right now. It is catching astonishing speed into promoting and marketing eCommerce business and influencing people on what to choose and what not to choose.

As compared to Facebook, Instagram is generating 4x more engagement on its platform, and on top of it, it has added a new feature to make it more powerful- Instagram reels!

Instagram Reels for your Ecommerce brand

Instagram Reels is a new feature of Instagram that helps create short fun, interactive and informative videos that can be visible to anyone. The platform provides an ‘Explore’ page which lets users interact with any form of content including reels. It also has a dedicated ‘Reels’ section on its mobile application.

This is a great asset for your eCommerce brand. It helps amplify social media growth and acquire new customers.

Educational Content

Instagram reels for educating audience
Myntra uses reels to educate the audience on how to...

Educating the audience about your brand and products/services is a great way of capturing their attention. Using Instagram Reels to educate the customers will divert traction to the website and increase loyal following on your business Instagram page. Some educational content that can be added are:

  • How to...
  • What to do when...
  • X best things...


Instagram Reels for behind-the-scenes
Grofers uses Reels to show how the orders are handled

Instagram Reels that showcase the behind-the-scenes of your eCommerce brand helps in maintaining a long-term relationship with your audience. For example, if you own a clothing store then behind the scenes of making clothes or tutorials would be a great example of behind-the-scenes reels.

Product/Service Reviews

Instagram reels for product reviews
Nykaa uses Reels to give a detailed review of their products

Instagram Reels gives eCommerce brands the best opportunity to be engaging, interactive, and have fun along with reaching a wide range of audiences. Your brand can show creative product reviews in the form of videos or different photos in the reel which will help in better explanation. You can even post reels with influencers who have tried and tested your products/services.

Use Reel ads

Instagram reels for promotion
Instagram launched sponsored reels for brand promotions

As of June 2021, Instagram allows brands to promote their reels making it a place for Instagram ad placement. It supports the following objectives- brand awareness, reaches, traffic app installations, video views, and conversions. This is a great way to reach your target audience.

The Instagram audience engages with brands who keep up their creative side and constantly come up with something new to gain their attention. Instagram reel is an amazing platform to get noticed by the audience without taking much of their time.

E-Commerce brands must leverage Reels to help in growth in the number of loyal followers, admirers, and better conversion rate of the business.

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