Want to make your business stand out from the crowd?

It might sound silly but let me tell you, your Instagram and quality content, of course, play a vital role in making your business number one.

I am sure, you must have gone through some businesses’ Instagram accounts only to check up on how they make their Instagram attractive but there might be some accounts that mix business and personal updates, and trust me that’s a bummer. You do not want to repeat that for yourself, I repeat DO NOT!!!

Nowadays, everyone analyzes a company’s Instagram account before making a purchase, contacting them, scheduling an appointment. So you have to make the first impression that is impossible to forget. It’s easier said than done, right no?

So, how do you make your Instagram feed look more professional by organizing it? Don’t worry, we have got you covered, here are a few easy yet effective ideas for your Instagram feed.

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Pick a theme

First thing first, choose a theme for your Instagram. If you want to use your Instagram for business, the best approach to do this is to create a brand persona and then brainstorm some brand traits. Because it’s in human nature to subconsciously associate certain attributes with images or colors, these characteristics can help you in developing a theme and designing your Instagram.

Another way of choosing a theme for your Instagram is to look at other businesses who are succeeding on Instagram and take inspiration from their feed. Even though it’s a well-known brand, you may still learn from them and adopt some of their concepts to your own firm.
You can either go for dark colors or core colors. Let’s look at some brands who use these color based themes and you can decide for yourself.

Daniel Wellington emphasises their trendy watches well with their dark themes.

Daniel Wellington

Second brand is well known international brand- Kylie skin, it embraces a single-colored Instagram feed.

Kylie Skin

Fun Fact and Tip of the day or week

It’s one of the most interesting ways to engage more audience on your Instagram page, you can offer your followers an intriguing, little-known anecdote about your brand, a current hot topic, or you can go for both!
Try uploading a related picture with a caption that includes an interesting fact, or you can share a graphic that includes the fact’s text.

Offer your followers helpful advice, you may include the advice in your caption or design a graphic that includes it, just like the amusing fact. Wednesdays are great to share these tips because of the popular hashtag #wednesdaywisdom.

Contests and Giveaways

I am sure you must have come across various contests and giveaways on Instagram, and might have participated too!

Giveaways are a simple and enjoyable method to raise awareness and earn new followers. Make a humorous video or post with the text short describing the rules, or publish a picture of the item you’re preparing to giveaway with the regulations described in the description to create an eye-catching post.

Horizontal and Vertical feed

Instagram can be as creative and attractive as you want to make, it all depends on your creativity. Horizontal and vertical feed is one of them
The idea behind this theme is that you publish three images in a row that show the same things and moods.

For instance take Chanel, it thrives on classicism and simplicity.


Like I have already discussed horizontal feeds, it would be unfair if I don’t talk about the benefits of vertical feed and the amazing effects it adds to your Instagram feed.

Let’s say, Dior skincare utilizes the middle line to show the foundation and powder compact, and the two sideways lines to show how the models use these products to get immaculate looks.

Dior Beauty

The Final Thought

Instagram is all about those stunning photos and exciting videos, the more creative you are, the wider your reach will be, and your conversation rate will skyrocket.
We love to see your business succeed, so above are a few tips and tricks to make Instagram look stunning.

I hope you have fun creating your Instagram feed!