The popularity of the Instagram network keeps on growing And the platform has high involvement in terms of interaction and engagement of brands and customers.

Instagram has rolled out this new feature of stories which allows you to create photos and videos and share them with the world.  Unlike the post in the feed, Instagram stories do not live forever on the account and are there for just 24 hours.

To make the stories available and displayed on the top of the profile, Instagram highlights become useful.  These are available and are displayed on the top of the screen as circles.

Instagram story highlights are used to post information related to your business directly to your profile it is one of the best and most important content and something that attracts a lot of users one can view Instagram story highlights under the head of and above the feed.

Businesses use Instagram story highlights to display the products or services, showcase their business collaboration,  shed light on behind the scenes and even show promotions or offers and discounts currently going on.

Some businesses use theme highlight covers related to the brand while others use icons or pictures from the stories to display as their highlight covers.

Examples of brands using Instagram Highlight Covers to take inspiration from:


Icons for highlight covers
Flipkart uses Icons on its IG highlight cover

Flipkart uses icons on the theme of their brand and its colour on their Instagram Highlight Covers. It depicts what the brand promises to deliver to its customers. It also attracts customers with its highlight names like- Dhamaal, Specials and Quick.


Pictures for highlight covers
Brand colour resonating pictures are used by KylieBaby for covers

An International brand started by Kylie Jenner, KylieBaby uses pictures in its brand theme as the Instagram Highlight cover. It depicts the real picture of its products and gains the trust of the customers while also maintaining the theme of the brand.


Instagram highlight covers with text
Kay Beauty uses texts on highlight covers 

Kay Beauty started by Katrina Kaif uses text covers for its Instagram Highlights that corresponds to their brand colour. Thus, along with informing customers what the highlight is all about, it also maintains the theme of the profile.


Icons on highlight covers
Product icons on Instagram highlight covers are used by Lakme

Using black and pink in neon on its Instagram Highlights Covers, Lakme uses icons to display its highlights. Each highlight showcasing the products have a dedicated product icon for the highlight. It attracts customers and at the same time guides them to the desired product they're looking for.

You can take inspiration from these brands and create your own IG highlights covers to attract and engage your audience. Read this blog to learn how to create covers using Canva.