Instagram has become a strong sales channel that your eCommerce brand can leverage. Now, with the integration of Instagram and Shopify, your brand has a competitive edge over the others. Instagram along with Shopify works towards giving your customers a true omnichannel experience.

It acts as a true social media partner for all the Shopify store owners giving your customers complete experience and exposure to social media.

Selling on Instagram with Shopify
Instagram + Shopify Integration

Instagram Shopping feature allows e-commerce brands to engage better with audiences. It helps to create a digital catalogue of its products on Instagram or import it from Shopify.

What is Instagram Shop?

The Instagram shop is a way for businesses to reach out better to their audience. It showcases its products in the form of a catalogue and thus helps in increasing conversions.

Instagram Shopping
Instagram Shop is setup via the 'View Shop' button

You can think of the 'View Shop' button as a landing page where the users can browse all your product.  

How to connect Instagram to Shopify?

Instagram Shopping helps to connect the items that you have in the Shopify store to your Instagram business profile so that the audience and customers can see your items on Instagram.

Before you add Instagram Shopping to your brand, ensure that you have a Facebook business page and that your Instagram profile is a Professional Account.

After converting your Instagram profile into a professional account, add Instagram shopping to the Facebook sales channel.


  1. From the Shopify admin screen, click “+” beside the ‘sales channel

2. Click on Facebook sales channel > Overview

Click sell your products on Instagram
Click sell your products on Instagram

3. Click on ‘Set up to start’ in the ‘Instagram Shopping’ section

Connect Instagram professional account
Connect Instagram professional account

4. Your brand’s Facebook account is to be connected to the Facebook sales channel.

5. After reviewing and accepting the terms & conditions, click on ‘Request Approval

After going through all these steps, it takes 24-48 hours for Instagram to review it.

Is Instagram-Shopify Integration Effective?

According to figures of SproutSocial, over 70% of Instagram users are of the age of 17 to 35 which calls in for demographic-based targeting. 90% of the total people on Instagram follow a business/brand page.

This stat has only ticked year-over-year. Due to the increased rolling out of new Instagram business features and shopping options such as Instagram catalog, Instagram stories features, and more, the platform is becoming more brand-friendly.

It is also making it easier for your eCommerce brand to draw traction and boost up sales.

Instagram-Shopify Integration is easily possible. Some of its added advantages are:

Instagram stories:

Instagram stories on Shopify store
Harla Arts uses ShopGracias to embed Instagram highlights on its web store

Stories embedded on your Shopify eCommerce store through the ShopGracias application help your brand to build a social following and user-generated content which further helps in generating sales.

Shoppable story stickers:

Nike uses links on stories to direct traffic to its web store
Nike uses links on stories to direct traffic to its web store

Shoppable story stickers like- swipe-up or link stickers enable your audience to directly shop from your eCommerce site.

Instagram Shoppable Post Tags:

instagram shoppable post
Instagram Shoppable posts help to direct traffic to the eCommerce site 

IG shoppable posts permit brands to label items inside a post. With a few clicks, a customer would be able to go from post to the brand's "Add to Cart" segment on their Shopify store.


Wrapping it up, it is right to say that Instagram-Shopify Integration has a lot of potentials and if your eCommerce brand is successful in leveraging it, your business can make an ever-lasting mark on the corporate.

By leveraging Instagram stories, and making the posts shoppable, your brand can tweak your customer’s shopping experience. Stories also aid in driving traffic from your Instagram profile to Shopify products & finally checkout.

Additionally, taking note of Instagram analytics and carrying out the activities accordingly would be an added advantage.