Instagram highlights are one of the best features that the platform offers yet. It can be used to showcase products or services, promote your brand’s marketing campaigns, share customer reviews, engage the audiences in behind-the-scenes of your brand, or do something new that you want.

Some of the ways the eCommerce brands are using Instagram Highlights are:

(Cheat note- You can benefit by observing them)


Instagram HIghlights of products
Fabriclore shows its products on IG highlights
Adding link on IG stories
Add a link to your web store on the stories 

Just like Fabriclore, you can use Instagram Highlights to showcase your products or services. You can create different highlights for different introductions, seasonal products, or different categories too.

Don’t forget to add ‘See More’ and link it to your eCommerce site to direct traffic.


IG highlights for customer reviews
Paperedge India uses IG highlights to showcase customer reviews
Instagram stoires for customer reviews
Layout of customer reviews 

Do you have a loyal customer base who love your products? Great! Show it to the world too!

Use Instagram Highlights to showcase the best customer reviews and feedbacks. It also helps in gaining the trust of prospective clients.

Paperedge India, a craft supply manufacturing brand uses Instagram Highlights to post its customers' reviews.


IG highlights for offers and promotions
Flipkart uses IG Highlights to share the latest offers and specials to the audience
link your instagram stories to your website
Attach a link to your eCommerce site for diverting traffic

Promotions of your eCommerce brands can be highlighted at the top of your Instagram business profile. This is a great way to capture the attention of your audience when they visit your IG profile.

Flipkart promotes all its ‘Specials’ through IG highlights.


instagram highlights for business partnerships
Cloth Hues uses IG highlights to show their collaborations
Instagram Highlights for collaborations
Collaborations with influencers can be displayed on IG highlights

Promote your Business partnerships through IG highlights. It can be a brand collaboration, influencer partnership, or anything else your eCommerce brand is interested in. Just like Closet Hues, you can too use highlights to focus your audience’s attention towards your influencers and collabs!


Instagram highlights for Behind the Scenes
GreenBeverages uses IG highlights to take their audience Behind the Scenes

Your eCommerce brand must always try to connect with your audience at a personal level. Showcasing ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your brand helps in the same.

Greenbeverages shows BTS to their audience for humanizing with them.

Since Instagram highlights are highly flexible and adaptable, every eCommerce brand must use them. Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can customize and use them in the best possible way to provide value to your audience.