is a leading provider of review collection and eCommerce marketing solutions. The feature set is diverse and you will not find a single feature missing. For example, they're incorporating video snippets into reviews, automatically calculating NPS, and giving you a view into competition through analyzing their reviews.

It's no wonder that popular businesses like Brex, DoorDash, and Open Listings are relying on to enter these new sales channels. If you're looking to engage with your customers and experiment with new features, might just be the platform for you.

Pricing is on the high side. Hence, small businesses are better off with alternatives while well-established brands with thousands of orders per month benefit from

Linguistics AI

Reviews have the ability to not only promote your business, but improve it as well.'s advanced linguistic AI uses customer feedback to identify ideas of improvement for your products and business.


use customizable email templates, In-email forms or free SMS invites to drive your review campaign.

Helpdesk Connection has features that make it easier for your customer support team to communicate with customers and send out review requests.

Video Reviews

Collect videos from customers during the review process, or send a follow-up requesting a review. With over 22 hours of video content uploaded each week, this medium of UGC is growing quickly.

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