Junip helps honest brands grow. 1000+ brands depend on Junip to gather & display real reviews from their customers.

When it comes to reviewing conversions, it's hard to outperform Junip, whose on-site displays and speedy email forms get submitted more than any other review app. Boasting a 10%+ advantage over the competition, Junip is KOTN, Doe Lashes, and Not Pot's review platform of choice.

For small, growing, and experimental stores, Junip has a limited free plan with basic tooling. Features grow quickly as plan prices increase with Standard and Pro plans to offer email marketing, eCommerce platform, and other content integrations. Finally, the platform enables merchants to display the values that matter to their customers, improve SEO through structured data in reviews, and automatically solicit reviews from users after purchase or retroactively.

Marketing Integrations

Supported by the motto that "the best tools work together", Junip allows users to send review requests directly through their email or SMS marketing platforms through their deep integrations.


Taking just three steps to set up custom dashboards, Junip makes it incredibly easy to get started using their tool.

Review Capture

Junip claims to lead the industry by over 10% when it comes to reviewing submission rates on requests. They enable this through trailblazing emails and forms to get the most out of your customers.

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