Did you ever get the feeling that you should check what others are saying about a particular product before you purchase it? Imagine yourself buying a product on Amazon.

Do you check how many stars the product has or the reviews that various customers have written about it? If your answer is yes, then you are not the only one. According to research, 92% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase.

Video testimonials work on the same lines. They are a powerful way to establish your brand image. Every successful e-commerce brand has its own video testimonials. So what are they, and what role can they have in your e-commerce brand? Read on to know more.

What are video testimonials?

Video testimonials are an audiovisual format where a satisfied customer talks about how the product or service of your e-commerce brand has helped them. The customer may speak about how the particular product or service solved a problem for them. Video testimonials include details about the customer like:

  • who they are
  • what are their professions
  • why they chose the particular product or service
  • in what way they use or have used the product or service
  • how the product or service has proven to be beneficial to them
  • what they like the most about your e-commerce brand
  • whether they are interested to purchase again

Thus, video testimonials are videos of customers appreciating your e-commerce brand as well as the product or service you offer. Also known as customer testimonials, these videos make your brand look reliable and encourage others watching to go for the product or service mentioned.

Video testimonials make your product or service seem like an obvious great choice. Moreover, these videos give viewers the feeling that the products or services of your e-commerce brand work well besides being legitimate.

How can video testimonials help your e-commerce brand?

One of the biggest advantages of having a testimonial in the form of a video is that interested customers can see your products and services for themselves without having to rely simply on your words. More and more eCommerce brands are now leveraging video testimonials to secure an edge in the market.

Did you know? Studies show that watching videos on social platforms led to subsequent purchases in 64% of the viewers. This is because videos have 43% more power than words to persuade the audience. This is also why people are able to recall 90% of the content when around 2000 images are displayed to them.

Here is why video testimonials work:

Increases conversion

If used right, few things can convert viewers into customers as quickly as a video testimonial can. Video testimonials feature real customers using the product or service of your eCommerce brand.

When other viewers watch these customers talk about how the particular product or service helped in resolving their issues, it makes the viewers want to check out the product for themselves.

The best way to do this is by creating fear in the minds of the viewers that they are missing out on something great by not purchasing what your brand has to offer. According to research, video testimonials on a website allow an increase in conversion by 80%.

Builds trust and credibility

Since time unknown, word of mouth has had profound importance in influencing people's perspectives. Even today, it is considered the best kind of marketing out there. It is natural that you would speak well of your eCommerce brand.

However, when a customer praises your brand and its products or services, it takes things a level higher. Viewers find video testimonials credible since they are relatable.

Hearing from a fellow customer often quenches doubts in the mind of a potential buyer. In fact, 57% of customers come to know about a brand or its products and services, after hearing about it from someone.

Moreover, 37% of customers believe video testimonials to be more effective than a company's business pitch owing to testimonials' authenticity. There is nothing like a genuine narrative of a first-hand great experience to make viewers trust your enterprise.

Showcases advantages of the product

Video testimonials are a great way to show how well your products work. Viewers can directly watch the products being used by satisfied customers.

When the customer in the testimonial expresses his satisfaction with the product, they often point out the various benefits of using the particular product. Additionally, video testimonials include details on ease of use of the product, who can use the product, why the product stands out from its competitors, and how it has some kind of problem-solving ability.

Testimonials that include "before and after" clips of a customer with the product, hold up the advantages of the product even more clearly. The majority of the people, that is two-thirds, or 66% of them, state that they prefer going through a video before purchasing a product.

Maintains rapport with existing customers

Putting up video testimonials on your eCommerce website makes your customers feel important. This is done by giving them a sense of validating their opinions.

Video testimonials make customers feel that what they think of the product is not simply taken into account but also valued enough by your brand to display it to the public.

Moreover, viewers watching the testimonial will register the fact that your brand emphasizes customers' opinions. Feeling heard leads to customers forming a good impression about your brand. This would want to make them keep in contact with you and repeat their purchase with your brand.

Increases exposure

Kettlebell Kings reposted one of their customers' videos where the customer can be seen doing various exercises using the brand's kettlebells.

Once the video testimonial has been made, it can be shared on several social media platforms. It goes without saying that social media marketing is the need of the hour. Most social media platforms favor video over written text or simply audio. Hence, sharing your customer testimonials on various social media platforms doubles as a way for other people to share it besides luring existing followers to go for your products.

The more shares your testimonials get, the more people will get to know about your eCommerce brand. After all exposure in the market is what brings in customers! If you are looking for inspiration, the eCommerce brand Kettlebell Kings can be considered as an example.

The company actively includes video testimonials on different pages of their website starting from the home page, right up to their product pages. Making use of video testimonials has given a massive boost to their brand and helped Kettlebell Kings to be on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies.

How to implement video testimonials into your e-commerce strategy?

Now that you are aware of the numbered goodness that each video testimonials brings along with it, I bet you cannot wait to use it for your own eCommerce brand. However, simply coming up with video testimonials is not likely to cut it for your brand. Here is how you can sew in a video testimonial into your brand strategy.

Use video testimonials on the landing page

Since this is the page that your customers will first set their eyes on, creating an impression with your landing page goes a long way. Research says that using video testimonials on the landing page of your eCommerce website can boost up the conversion rate by 86%.

When potential buyers land on your website and immediately witness gratified customers appreciating your brand and its products, it makes the need for purchase grow further.

Even viewers who just came to your landing page only to check out your website, might get influenced by the testimonials and end up making a purchase.

Create a video testimonial page on your website

Making a separate page that is dedicated to just video testimonials can be a smart move for your eCommerce website. This allows you to keep all the testimonials in one place acting as a hub of social gratification towards your products.

In other words, you can build up a community that actively supports and takes part in your brand's mission and vision. A dedicated page for customer testimonials is instrumental in building your brand image, making your products seem credible, and in turn, increasing conversion. As they say, the more the merrier!

How to get video testimonials from customers?

The trickiest part about a video testimonial from customers is actually the process of getting them. As is the custom for human behavior, customers are generally more prone to go to the extent of making a review video when they are dissatisfied with your product. Here are some hacks to bag reviews from satisfied customers in a way that ends up being a win-win for both of you.

Ask for reviews on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok

There is hardly any person who does not have a social media account. Since social media is all the hype these days, why not play it to your advantage and ask your customers to leave a review on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, among others?

These three are breaking the charts when it comes to viral content. This suggestion might also interest customers since it can help them achieve more views on their social media accounts. The key is to make the review fun yet informative.

Offer to reward for a review

Who does not like to get rewarded? Most of us are familiar with Skinner's theory of rewards and punishments that opines that all animals including humans learn better when they are conditioned to derive positive results in the hopes of getting rewarded. The same applies to the business world as well.

A customer will be more interested in leaving a testimonial video if they know that there is something in it for them too. The reward may be in cash or kind (such as shopping credits, discounts, shout-outs on Instagram, gift hampers, and more).

10 e-commerce brands that nailed video testimonials

It is one thing to talk about how to make your video testimonials great, yet it is another to take a cue from existing eCommerce brands that are already succeeding in this sphere.

Here are ten of the most inspiring examples of e-commerce brands that have figured out the video testimonial game.


Fictiv, the parts-on-demand manufacturing company for enterprises, put up the story of how Mind Tribe used their products to quickly and efficiently engineer their own products.

Fictiv has made sure that it makes a video testimonial that other eCommerce brands can take notes from. The most important thing to learn from Fictiv's testimonials is the amount of information they pack into a single video without making it lengthy.

Instead of actually listing out what Fictiv does and how the company benefits its customers, it simply shows how using Fictiv's products has proven beneficial for a client by solving their issues. This technique helped Fictiv to get across their point without being elaborate or boring about it.


Patagonia tells the story of a surfer who has been wearing the same pants that he got from the brand, for the past 16 years. The customer claims that they are highly suitable for surfing.

Patagonia, an apparel and gear brand, has managed to make their video testimonials unique and fun, which is exactly what they like to portray their products as.

In an attempted to do the same, Patagonia captures their customers going on adventures while wearing or using their products. This e-commerce company goes a step further by including a picture of their customers using their product in their daily lives as well.

Since Patagonia's products are made for outdoor adventures, the brand makes it a point to portray how much their products can withstand even in extreme conditions through video testimonials. This doubles as a portrayal of the company's target audience as well. Besides, their video testimonials clearly get across their vision, while still having an emotional connection.


Instead of producing a video testimonial on its products SoulCycle pulled off a smart move with this customer testimonial where Ramona, a student who got a scholarship courtesy to SoulCycle, made her way through college. This furthers the vision of SoulCycle being a community.

One of the strongest factors in SoulCycle's video testimonials is that they motivate users or viewers to a great extent. This is done since their videos are not just a testimonial for the brand or its products, but also aims to have a greater, life-altering impact on the community or society.

SoulCycle puts a lot of emphasis on their video testimonials being emotional and memorable. Moreover, the brand is inclusive as it includes stories of customers coming from all walks of life.

SoulCycle makes one of the most impactful video testimonials out there since it makes viewers feel like belonging to the SoulCycle community would essentially mean creating a particular lifestyle, which weighs in way above simply possessing a product.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company makes you hear straight from parents how much they like the brand's products and why they are one of the best in the market.

Being an eCommerce brand that makes products that are free of additives, harmful chemicals, and dyes, The Honest Company has made this their USP when it comes to their video testimonials. Hence, it goes without saying that their target audience is environmentally conscious people and would-be or present mothers.

They highlight the customer's journey while using the product, thus depicting what changes the product has brought in their lives. The video testimonials tap into the concerns of the customer and also answers how The Honest Company's products do away with these doubts.

This is a very effective technique since other customers watching these testimonials are likely to find these relatable.


GoPro posted a video testimonial where a person named William Mitchell captured himself scuba diving with a million fish.

GoPro has successful video testimonials because they managed to carve a niche for themselves when it comes to cameras. Instead of being generalized in their testimonials, these videos specifically feature fast-moving shots and stunts. This gives a clear sense of adventure and speed to the viewers.

GoPro caters wonderfully to their target audience by featuring unique and awe-inspiring stunts. In one instance, the e-commerce brand featured a customer who catapulted off a bridge. This arises a sense of thrill in the viewers while also showcasing the durability and endurance of the products.

Additionally, GoPro includes a fair share of influencers as well as regular customers in their video testimonials. This keeps their testimonials inspiring, yet relatable and inclusive. The brand stands out because of its ability to connect with its customers in an exciting way and thus furthering customer relations.


Lauren Bongiorno, who is the founder of a protein bar brand, talks about her mini moment and what makes her like Pipcorn.

Pipcorn blends sentiments with rationality when it comes to its customer testimonials. One great strategy that this e-commerce brand has undertaken is that they ask their customers to share something called the "mini moment" in these video testimonials.

Mini moments are something that makes people happy without any grandeur; they are just little pockets of warmth and happiness that a person feels for one particular moment in their day. While talking about their mini moments, customers can be seen incorporating how they use the products of this brand during those moments.

Pipcorn goes beyond just pointing out why customers love their products but also tells viewers how the customers came across the brand. Each video testimonial has its own story that is unique to that particular customer.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield, through its video testimonial, brings to the fore the story of Gary Birtwistle - how he got into biking and what keeps him going.

Being a motorcycle company, Royal Enfield's testimonials are all about the journey - both literally and metaphorically. In these video testimonials, customers talk about their love for biking and how they got into the sport. Every testimonial has a backdrop of its own. It is almost as if you are in for a ride yourself. The stories that customers share are inspiring if not always relatable.

Royal Enfield's video testimonials feature people from all walks of life. Customers often portray how the brand has helped them in furthering their passion and become what they are today. One thing to learn from these video testimonials? Well, it is the amalgamation of movie-like storytelling within a very short span of time.


FabIndia's video testimonials tell the story of why three women in business choose FabIndia as their go-to ethnic apparel brand.

The video testimonials of this e-commerce brand stand out from the rest because of their format. It is so because they are often shot in an interview mode, where the questions appear on the screen and are followed by audiovisual clips of the customer answering the question.

In these video testimonials, customers are seen donning apparel from the brand. The testimonials are to the point and answers why the brand appeals to customers, and in what way their products help customers.

While doing this, the testimonials manage to maintain the theme of the brand by incorporating a piece of soothing background music, smiling faces, and overall a positive atmosphere. FabIndia quite smartly indicates its target audience through its customer testimonials.

Quad Lock

In its video testimonial, Quad Lock featured the story of Tom, a biker who uses their products.

The one thing that is common in all Quad Lock customer testimonials is that they are extremely subtle while still upholding the vision and spirit of the brand. Quad Lock mounts and gears are often shown in the video testimonials, but they are seldom directly talked about. What the videos focus on is capturing the essence of the customer.

The testimonials of this e-commerce brand are all about the ride. Customers are seen riding their bikes or motorcycles while using Quad Lock products. They talk about how they became a rider.

Inspiring testimonials like these encourage viewers to take up the sport which in turn increases the range of the target market and brings in potential customers for the brand.


In Decathlon's video testimonial, Ananya a rhythmic gymnast narrates how Decathlon's products further her stride towards the sport.

Decathlon beautifully captures the essence of what their brand is all about, with their to-the-point video testimonials. Most of the testimonials of Decathlon feature sportspersons. After all, it is a sports brand. The video testimonials of this e-commerce brand are worthy of taking notes because of their equality in representation.

They feature video testimonials from all genders participating in a wide range of sports. These videos talk about how comfortable the products of the brand turn out to be while engaging in any sort of sports.

Customers talk about the ease of use, comfort, and other advantages of the vast range of products available. Moreover, what steals the show is that customers are always shown in their element, doing what they love, in the video testimonials.


Although the process of obscuring video testimonials from customers may seem tardy, there is no doubt that these testimonials can give a kick start to your eCommerce business's claim to fame.

So invest some time in this process, since it is guaranteed to bring in money if done right. Moreover, video testimonials are right up the alley of everything that is in trend.

By now you are well acquainted with the many benefits of using video testimonials for your e-commerce brand. So what are you waiting for? Get your satisfied customers to share their stories over a video now!