If Instagram posts have become a way for only the most polished, pre-produced content like videos and photos. Stories are a way of adding more genuineness to the content of the brand that appears on the feed. They can reform how brands connect with their audience by sharing brand updates, content, product launches, and more. The platform offers a wide range of filters, GIFs, stickers, and other customization to add to your stories and make them more interactive. Your Instagram stories can also include a “swipe-up” feature adding a link to your e-commerce platform. Embedding these important stories on your e-commerce website through ShopGracias embedded application on Shopify e-commerce platform backend, will not only help your brand in reaching a larger set of audiences but also effectively interact with them.

Instagram stories ideas
Creative Instagram Stories for better audience engagements

The fashion and clothing brands are one of the most highly active e-commerce companies on Instagram. For your brand to gain traction on the platform, good quality video, and photos along with strategic content planning combined with attractive and engaging Instagram stories are essential.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for your stories-

  1. Go ‘behind-the-scenes’:
Insta Stories-behind the scenes
'Behind-the-scenes' to connect better with the audience

Your audiences can remember good content they see and recommend to others. Instagram stories may last for just 24 hours but they make a long-lasting impact. Thus, fashion and clothing brands can publish exclusive content like- behind the scenes at photoshoots, manufacturing, or designing of their products to let the audiences engage and grow towards the brand personally and feel as if they are a part of the process.

2. Use polling and conversational stickers:

Poll and Question stickers on Instagram stories
Conversational stickers help in better engagement

One of the best ways to engage the audiences on your brand’s stories is by using the value addition engaging stickers provided by Instagram like- poll and 'Ask me a question'. They are not only fun and easy to use but can be extensively used by your company to get feedback. Whether launching a new clothing line, new product or for an improvement, the feedbacks received through conversational stickers can be helpful.

3. Encourage participation: Letting influencers, employees, and customers take up the space on your Instagram Stories will attract the crowd towards your clothing/ fashion brand. This can be done through- reposting stories you’re tagged in, conducting virtual/ in-person interviews and uploading their snippets on the story, or by reposting trial/ tutorial reels of known influencers.

4. Effective use of stickers: One of the most important things to remember for a fashion brand while posting Instagram stories is that less is more. The stories should not be excessively loaded with filters and stickers and the integrity of your brand must be maintained. Simple call-to-action like- swipe up to shop or a link must be pasted.

Swipe-up feature on Instagram stories
Gain more traction on the desired website by using the 'Swipe-up' feature

When used correctly and to their full potential, Instagram stories can become an effective way of connecting your brand with your customers and audiences. Stories are a great marketing tool and embedding this tool on your Shopify e-commerce platform by using ShopGracias can boost up the sales number even further. Recognition of this ever-growing platform and its importance is essential to master it. Fashion brands must be ready to make the most of it.

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